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Our nation’s founding document was crafted by our founding fathers to insure the liberties given to us by God, and protect us from oppressive government practices such as those with which they had firsthand experience.

I understand the importance of federalism. Unfortunately, some of our elected officials at the local and state levels have ignored or dismissed the Constitution and the notion of federalism; as a result we are less free and more dependent on the federal government. We should be upholding the 10th amendment and the autonomy of the states to reflect the will of the people they represent.

We need to remain cognizant of the power and freedom the Constitution guarantees each and every citizen. We need to protect that freedom by rolling back the federal regulations and overreach. We need to give power back to the local level and to the people so that we remain a land where liberty can flourish.


Without the 2nd Amendment, the rest of the Bill of Rights would be nothing more than toothless suggestions for would-be tyrants and nefarious politicians.

The Second Amendment is not just about hunting or target practice, although they are important benefits. It is about protecting our lives, families, and homes from threats both foreign and domestic. Our nation’s founders did not write the 2nd Amendment because the deer were coming!

When it comes to the 2nd Amendment, I will never compromise. The words “shall not be infringed” mean exactly what they say.

Wyoming has the most firearms per capita in the nation. If you follow the logic of the anti-gun crowd, you would immediately assume that Wyoming has the highest murder and crime rates in the nation, too, but that is not the case. Why? Because Wyoming people are a good and moral people. We deserve to have a Representative who not only shares our values, but also one who will stand firm and fight for our values.


Our rights do not come from government, they come from our Creator.

Our nation was founded upon Judeo-Christian values and they are the cornerstone of our culture and our laws.

Christians have been witnessing an unprecedented attack on our right to freely exercise our religion by liberal progressives who use the government (including the courts stacked with leftist judges) to force acceptance of their agenda on us. I will not be intimidated by the intolerant far-left activists pushing their radical agenda on the Wyoming people.

Speaking of progressives, there is an alarming increase in the number of proposed bills to target so-called “hate speech”. I oppose any attempt to strip away anyone’s 1st Amendment right of free speech, even those with whom I disagree. We cannot let one group, whether it is the minority or majority, be able to decide what constitutes illegal speech and continue to live in a free society.

I believe that everyone’s inalienable rights should be protected; that we should be free to live our lives as we see fit without fear of punishment, as long as we are not violating someone else’s inalienable rights.


Free market capitalism is the reason we have supermarkets (even in remote places like Wyoming) with shelves full of fresh food and everyday products people want with many options to choose from; it is why we have so many of the comforts of life we take for granted. Socialism results in shortages, inefficiencies, and fewer choices. I will fight socialism at every turn and will never forget what capitalism has done for America and her people.

Central planning stifles the function of markets, and does not lead to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Too many businesses, large and small, are being crushed by the regulations of the EPA, BLM, FCC, and IRS. Unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats in Washington D.C. have been given (or have outright taken) the lawmaking power that is supposed to be in the hands of the U.S. Congress who are elected and accountable to “We the People”. If we do not rein in these out of control federal agencies we will continue to lose our good paying jobs in the energy, agriculture and manufacturing industries. The states have a role to play and I will do what I can within the powers of the Wyoming and United States Constitutions to fight the job killing regulations that are of no benefit to anyone but special interest groups favored by progressive politicians.

We need to get the government out of the way so that the people can do what they do best — innovate, expand, and create new jobs. Government itself cannot create jobs, but it surely can kill them. Beware of the politician who promises jobs. Either they don’t understand how the private sector works, or they are pandering for votes. The only jobs they can create are more government jobs by growing the size of government or jobs for their well connected cronies who will use tax payer money for “economic development” on pet projects.

I vehemently oppose “Crony Capitalism”. Government should NOT be picking winners and losers. Politicians who use government to further their business interests pose a great threat to our freedom and our economy. It is corruption of the highest order and is responsible for people losing faith in government.


One of the greatest job killers of all is Obama-Care and its Trojan horse: Medicaid Expansion. I oppose both. Both take us in the direction of central planning and socialism; and that is the opposite direction we need to go.

We need Health Care Reform and it must start with the full repeal of Obama-Care. Specifically, we need to open insurance markets across state lines, expand Health Savings Accounts, and make health insurance and employment no longer linked together. Transparency of prices, eliminating fraud, regulatory reform, and unleashing the free market will drive health care costs down. It has worked before, and it is how America’s health care system became the envy of the world before the government got involved.

Simply mandating that everyone have an insurance policy will not guarantee everyone quality health care and it is the wrong approach. Health Insurance and Health Care are two completely different things that many people get confused. Look no further than our Canadian neighbors, Europe, or even our own Indian Health and VA services to see examples of rationing of care, long waits, and poor quality care. We can, and should do better. We can still provide for our most vulnerable and needy without handing over the entire health care industry to the government to run, because we know how poorly they run things.

It was free market capitalism, not government, that gave us the state of the art medical equipment and life saving pharmaceuticals we have also taken for granted. It is free market capitalism, that when unleashed, will provide the lowest cost and highest quality health care possible.


I have always and will always support keeping public lands public and would never support any effort to make them private. I hunt, fish, and camp like most people in Wyoming and our public lands are a treasure for our state. Our state land, national parks and national forests are part of our heritage.

I do support efforts that give Wyoming more control over the management, decision making and how those lands are used. I trust the people of Wyoming more than Washington D.C. bureaucrats or East Coast elites to dictate the use of our lands.

Philosophically and constitutionally speaking, I would argue that the sovereign state(s) should own and control any public lands within their borders and that the federal government should not control as much land as they do. However, anything as important as this should be put to the voters to decide with a ballot referendum in my opinion.

The Democrats are trying to scare you into believing that this transfer of public land is imminent which could not be farther from the truth, and my opponents know it. It is going to take years or decades to accomplish, IF that is what the people of Wyoming decide to do.

I strongly advocate for public access to public lands, and again, I do not support selling them off. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and I’d be happy to discuss this with you.


Wyoming has been blessed with an abundance of riches when it comes to natural resources. Our state and local economies depend largely on the energy industry; therefore we must not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Instead, we must work to protect Wyoming’s energy interests and advance free trade of our energy to markets worldwide.

Coal is still the cheapest way to heat our homes and power our factories and deliver electricity to our homes and businesses. Wyoming clean coal still has a role to play in our country and in developing countries around the world. I will fight to keep our coal mines open and our miners working. “The War on Coal” has caused unthinkable hardships on innocent, hardworking families and has even destroyed entire communities in Appalachia, while parts of our state hang in the balance. 

Man-made Global Warming is NOT settled science and is nothing but a way for the progressives and their green energy cronies to drive fossil fuel companies out of business. It has been said, if Democrats could find a way to tax the air they would; well with the “Climate Change” movement they have figured it out! They can now tax and regulate carbon dioxide which is a vital part of our atmosphere that plants need to survive.

Oil and Gas is near and dear to my heart as I have spent my entire career in this industry. I have felt the pain of the crash in oil prices personally as have thousands of Wyoming families.

We must not turn our back on coal, oil and natural gas; we must keep our taxes low and regulations fair and practical so when commodity prices recover, Wyoming will again see tremendous economic growth and job opportunities for our families.


I oppose a state income tax for a number of reasons. It would have a devastating long-term impact on our economy by making it more expensive for local business to do business here and will make our state less attractive to businesses looking to relocate here. Our low tax environment is our competitive advantage over most other states, why give it away? Raising taxes is an easy way out for politicians who do not have the stomach or the backbone to cut spending. I am not afraid to make the tough decisions necessary to make our state leaner and meaner, and able to live within its means.

The size of Wyoming’s government must be decreased. With revenues falling and our economy shrinking, we need to re-evaluate how we prioritize our state budget.

For so long, politicians have had it easy down in Cheyenne with money flowing in faster than they could spend it, well almost anyway. Now it is time for statesmen to rise to the occasion and make the tough choices that will not always be popular but need to be made for the good of the state and our future.


Sheridan County is home to some of the top schools in the nation. Here, we take the education of our children very seriously and it starts with our teachers who are dedicated, caring and hard-working.

I support local control over education where the decisions of curriculum and testing are made by those who actually live in the school district, not by central planners far removed from the people affected by their decisions. Local control ensures the most accountability, the ability to innovate with new ideas and to quickly change and adapt to new challenges. It just makes sense.

I oppose federal control and the centralization of education. While standards may be useful to measure progress, they have certainly changed the way we educate our children, and not for the better. The federal education experiment has cost taxpayers countless billions of dollars and has failed to improve education. It is time for new ideas.

Imagine a new era of public education where instead of the outdated standardized brick and mortar public education “factories”, we instead turn to a student-based approach built upon 21st century technology where students are free to learn at their own pace. Our teachers are excellent at teaching; let’s let them actually teach using techniques that are right for them. I want to encourage Wyoming to lead the nation in education innovation and quality, while doing more with less money spent on obsolete and inefficient practices.


I stand with the Military, and am committed to honoring our veterans, and providing them the care they have earned.

The mismanagement in the VA is unacceptable and unbecoming of America.

Veteran homelessness is a tragic, but rather unknown problem in Wyoming. The VA system has failed our veterans and it is up to us to step up and take the lead.

There is absolutely no reason that a veteran should be homeless, unemployed and lacking in the training needed to re-integrate back into society.

We should expand options for our service members’ health care so they have more choices and more immediate service. I will do what I can at the state level to help our wounded and disabled vets.


I have fought hard to crack down on violent offenders and protect victims of domestic violence. In 2018, my bill to allow victims of domestic violence to keep their phone numbers and take responsibility for their cell phone plan allowing them an escape from the control of their abusers was signed into law by the Governor. I also helped get tougher penalties for stalking and strangulation passed. 


I Co-Sponsored a bill that would have made “sanctuary cities” illegal in Wyoming. 

I support Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform to protect innocent citizens from warrantless searches and seizures of property. In America, you are innocent until proven guilty not the other way around. 

I oppose “Nanny State” laws as a matter of principle.

I do not believe any person or any group of people should be in a “protected class”. All people are equal and deserve equal justice under the law.


Family is the fundamental building block of society.

Life is a valuable gift from God and it must be protected from conception to natural death.

Marriage has always been defined as a union between one man and one woman, and it has been the cornerstone of societies for thousands of years.

I believe that the issue of marriage is a state’s rights issue and should be left to the individual states to handle it as they choose. However, I have a problem with the idea of having to ask the government for permission to get married as I believe in freedom. I support getting the government out of the marriage business altogether. That may be the only solution to stop the fighting between the religious and secular communities.

I think that the recent trend of changing the definition of words to push an agenda is ridiculous. Gender has a specific meaning, so does marriage.

I will continue to uphold the values we hold dear and give the everyday people of Sheridan County a voice in Cheyenne.